A workshop on the fundamentals of Motion Design with After Effects, presented by Rupak Mishra

About the event

This is a hands-on workshop, which means that you will be able to follow along Rupak as he creates the following set of animations.


  • Fundamentals of Motion Design
  • Getting familiar with After effects interface - Toolbar, Transform Properties, Timeline and layers
  • Creating a hands-on crispy animation with simple shape layers and mask
  • Secret sauce for smooth animations with speed graph
  • Playing with expressions
  • Tips to get a perfect loop in your animation


To follow along the workshop, you need to have the latest version of After Effects installed on your PC/Mac. You can get a 7-day free trial here.

About the Speaker

Rupak Mishra is a Motion Graphic Designer at Moneytap. He had been designing motion graphics professionally for 3 years. His forte is 2D and Character animation.

Rupak has co-founded a side project called culrs.com. You can follow his work on:



Video of the event

Getting started with motion graphics with - Rupak Mishra - Part 1
Getting started with motion graphics with - Rupak Mishra - Part 2