What we'll do

Everyone knows about how important is user research for success of their product. In this meetup, we are going to discuss few tips and tricks to ensure your research is effective. We’d be sharing practical ways of conducting user research which leads to actual insights about your product usage.

The Agenda will be as follows:
1. Talk by Vaibhav Bhalekar and Alok Dubey
Topic: User research done right!
About the speaker: Vaibhav and Alok are designers at Aasaanjobs. As a part of Aasaanjobs design team, both have been doing extensive user research for the last year - visiting places - talking to lots of next billion users.

2. Round table discussion on User research, facilitated by Sankalp Agarwal
About: Sankalp works as a Product Designer at Postman and utilises a variety of research methods to help in all phases of product development.

Talk Video